A unique toy store in historic Hudson, Ohio.

This is the first of what I hope to be many installments from Adventures with Santa. Our mission is to inform parents, kids and anyone interested in toys and children’s activities. Mrs. Claus and I travel throughout the world to find the toys and excitement that we deliver at Christmas. We hope that sharing these experiences will help you and your family have a great holiday time, but also some fun experiences throughout the year

This trip found us in Hudson, Ohio at The Land of Make Believe. It is located at 190 North Main Street, Hudson Ohio 44236. There you will meet the manager Richard Harrison. He grew up in England and told of his adventures walking to his local toy store. For the past 20 years he has been operating The Land of Make Believe.

This is a small shop located on Main Street of Hudson, Ohio. You will find the shelves full of interactive toys that require your child to use their imagination to create things or make their own stories.

The store had one of the largest collection of Lego sets that I have seen. They even had a Elf Lego set. Many unusual sets that I had not come across at other toy stores. They also had a large collection of Melissa and Doug items.

Older kids should not feel slighted. The collection of Board games that requires strategy building and role playing were abundant. We left with Takenoko, a fun play with bamboo and pandas. It received the Golden Geek Award in 2012.

Happy Adventure Hunting!

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