Adventures can be found in your own backyard.  This day, we traveled to Lehman’s Hardware Store. Lehman’s is located in Kidron Ohio, about a two hour ride from Columbus, where your trip leads you into Holmes County. This is where the largest population of Amish families live outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This is truly an opportunity to go back in time to see how things were done before the use of electricity and modern machinery. And Lehman’s brings that to their store, combining items from the past with items of the future.  Visit this store and the surrounding area, and give your children the adventure of seeing how people lived before “modern conveniences”.

Lehman”s Hardware was founded in 1955, to serve the Amish population residing in Holmes and surrounding counties. The products featured in the store give us a glimpse of life in the past. A much simpler time I must say.

However, I do not think that Mrs. Claus is going to give up her modern washing machine for the washboard and tub used by the Amish. She still remembers having to wash all of the Elves clothes with a washboard and tub and is not about to give up electricity. And I do not think that I am going to go back to lighting the workshop with oil lamps and heating with wood stoves.

But, I really brought you here to talk about the toys.  Some important items to note:  You will not find one video game in the toy section. I did not see any toy that required batteries, nor Legos.  The toys are very traditional.

The traditional toys are usually made from wood.  Lehman’s likes to feature toys made in the USA, so most of the toys are.  Their website states that they have 300 vendors within a 60-mile radius of the store. You will find cars, trucks, and trains all in wood. They are unfinished, so your child could personalize them in any way they like.









You can find many traditional games, as well, like Tiddly Winks.  You’ll even find furniture for both your child and for their dolls.  And, a big stack of wagons.









Being an agriculture-based community, they also have a large collection of farm toys.  Newer style toys can be found in this section. Modern farm tractors and farm equipment are on display, and is one of the larger collection of farm toys I’ve  seen.  I do think they are a little biased,  in that mostly John Deere is on display. But what a wonderful green it is!Lehman’s has also reserved shelf space for modern science projects your children will enjoy. They even have the old wood glider project kits for the kids to build and fly.And sometimes, you just need a big ball to bounce, or the traditional sled to enjoy a ride down the hill in the winter snow.








Before you leave the toy section, stick your faces through the Amish Children Wood Character board, take family photos, and bring home a memory.

But the adventure in this store is not just for the kids. The adults will enjoy all of the traditional tools, lighting, kitchen equipment, and gadgets Lehman’s has to offer.  Take time to look at the book store for some unique how-to-books. You might just find a new hobby.  Thirsty?  Need a snack?  Don’t pass up the food section with throwback beverages and retro candies.  Their cafeteria is super yummy, too.

Lehman’s is located a 4779 Kidron Road, Dalton, Ohio, 44618. They have a website at and they offer catalog and online sales.

This adventure is fun for the whole family, and you might find that special gift for that special someone.

Happy Adventure Hunting!


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