Food establishments are abundant in Memphis.  What you’ll find, however, is some of the finest southern cooking in the U.S.

One favorite of Santa and the Mrs. is Soul Fish Café.  In between toy store visits, we made our way to the Germantown location.   If you’re a catfish lover, then this is the place for you.  Soul Fish proudly serves U.S. farm-raised catfish.  It is fresh, meaty and absolutely DELICIOUS!

Santa ordered the Blackened Catfish Caesar Salad.  The greens were crisp and fresh.  But the star of that salad was the Catfish.  The blackened seasoning was delicious and did not overpower the wonderful flavor of the catfish.  It was a satisfying portion.

And don’t forget the fresh-brewed tea – sweet or unsweet – southern style!



Mrs. Claus went a different direction in her southern cuisine adventure.  A long-time fan of the book “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café”, Mrs. Claus has become a self-appointed aficionado of fried green tomato entrees.  And she has declared that the Soul Fish Café offers a serving worth your time to savor.  The tomatoes were fresh, meaty and very firm.  They stood up beautifully to frying.  The light breading did not detract from the tang of the green tomatoes.  And, the remoulade sauce had just he right amount of “kick” to add to the tang of the tomatoes.  A delightful dish!

No meal would be complete without sweets, and what better way to top off this lunch, than a slice of cheesecake.  What a slice it was!  We were presented with a white chocolate cheesecake, with a chocolate cookie crust.  The crust was not too sweet, yet the chocolate combined nicely with the creamy, rich cheesecake filling.   And, as you can tell from the picture, the portion was enough for two.  However, Mrs. Claus decided that it was just too good to share!

You can visit Soul Fish Café at their two other locations, Midtown and East Memphis.  Bon Appetit!

Happy Adventure Hunting!


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