Cuyahoga Valley Train Ride

Mrs. C and I have been out exploring adventures here in Ohio this past summer and fall. One such adventure is visiting transportation from the past – and the railroad was next. There are many locations around the State that offer train rides on older locomotives and cars. For our adventure, we chose the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad.

Their main office is located at the Tilden House, 2325 Stine Road, Penninsula, Ohio 44264. However, they have several sites within the Cuyahoga National Park where you can board the train.

We boarded the train on Rockside Road, in Independence, Ohio. It was a beautiful October day. We had made reservations to ride in one of the salon cars. At the time we planned the trip, we did not know if we would need to have reserved seating. This is one of the few cars that provides a guarantee for your ride. Other cars have open seating. Once we boarded the train, we found that, for most Saturdays, they have plenty of open seating and reservations would not be necessary.

We booked the 1½ hour train ride. We arrived in plenty of time to walk around the grounds. I highly recommend to take the time to do that and see the beauty of the National forest located this close to a major city, Cleveland. The walk will lead you to a foot bridge that crosses the Cuyahoga River. The river has been returned to its natural beauty and is a sight to behold. 









When it was time to board the train, we were lead by a volunteer conductor to the boarding spot. Up the stairs and into the hallway of the aged club car, we started to walk the narrow passage way to our salon.









Now the train has seating options in a standard passenger car (with upright seating on both side of the aisles), an observation dome (which was booked so we did not get to enter that car), the club cars (with seating at table and chairs), the sleeping cars (that had upper bunks), and finally our salon car. It offered seating for four, with a door that could be closed for privacy.

We quickly found that the salon car has limited visiability. You can only see the passing countryside on one side of the train. Once underway, we moved back to one of the club cars, so you could see the scenery on both sides of the train.





The main club car offered food and beverages. We had eaten breakfast before we got on the train so did not experiment with the food on board.






The train ride was a wonderful experience. As you travel the Cuyahoga River Valley, you ae actually inside the Cuyahoga National Park.  The scenery is gorgeous. You will pass through several older communities. Many have restored their buildings to look as they did in years passed. Some train rides offer chances to get off the train and explore the villages. Our ride on this day did not. We were hoping that the trees leaves would have changed, but we were a bit early for the fall foliage.  Beautiful, nonetheless.


















The Railroad offers several different theme trips. Wine adventures, other winter tours, and, as Santa, I have to mention they do a great Polar Express in November and December.

Check out their website at for dates times and tours.

Happy Adventure Hunting!

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