Medina Ohio – Lots of Christmas here!

Today’s travels found us in Medina, Ohio. If you love trains you must stop into Ormandy’s Toy and Train Museum. The kid in you will come out as you explore the many train options that are available. You will see all of the major model train manufactures on display.

The store offers the larger trains sets that one remembers going around the Christmas Tree. Marklin, Lionel, and LGB can be found there.

While we were visiting, one individual brought in a train that he had found in his parents’ attic. The proprietor carefully examined each piece and told the customer its value, or, unfortunately for some of the pieces, lack of value. I did not stay to see if the store purchased any of the items collected, but I can attest that the customer was treated very well and shared the joy of the discovery of an earlier time.

Stop in and visit at 10 Public Square, Medina, Ohio.

We also spent time walking in other stores at 23 Public Square. Here’s what we found in this beautiful, historic building.

Do you know the difference between a macaron and a macaroon? Well, if you’d like know, then try the French macarons (pronounced ma-ke-RON) at Honey Bee Bakery. Crisp little pillows of meringue that melt in your mouth. Mrs. Claus tried the lemon-blueberry and the raspberry. Not too sweet, not to tart, just right! Santa decided that the chocolate chip cookies were every bit as good.

We stopped in at Imperial Shaving. This store offered very fine selection of razors for shaving. Now Santa does not have much need for these fine razors and shaving soaps, but Santa does appreciate the ability to get a clean shave every once in while, just as long as the white beard is back for the cold weather up at the Pole.

We also found a very nice bookstore called The Book Store. It was packed with children’s books. Santa recommends that every parent needs to find a good book that he or she can share with his or her child. Those few moments of quiet storytelling will last a lifetime.

Happy Adventure Hunting!


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