Model T Museum – a Touring Adventure

Mrs. C and I were able to go on a grand adventure this past July. We were invited to join my cousin, Steve and Suzie Hughes, at the Model T Homecoming,  held in Richmond, Indiana.

Richmond Indiana is the home of the Model T Club of America. They operate a museum that is located at 309 N. 8th Street, Richmond, Indiana. 

This is an opportunity for you to take your family back to the past and see how automobiles became such a driving force in American Society. The Model T was not the first car to be manufactored. But, it is special, because it became the first affordable car for the general public. Henry Ford developed the assembly line, which was the mechanism needed to bring down the cost of a car to make it affordable. When you tour the museum,you will learn that the assembly line was not used during his initial development of the Model T. That happened several years after he got his design perfected.

At the museum, you will be able to see several very early cars. A 1909 Touring, a 1923 English built Town Car, a 1925 Ford fire truck, and a 1931 Pietenpol airplane that used the Ford Model T motor.

1909 Touring                                                            1923 English Town Car







1925 Ford Fire Truck                                          1931 Pietenpol








While we were visiting, they had a special attraction on display A 1926 Model T Touring that was know as the Silver Streak. This vehicle was used by the Bradford Model T Girls to travel around the country in the early 1940’s. Such a scandlious thing that women should travel and explore the country unaccompanied by men. A book is available describing their adventures. The car has is currently owned by one of the ladies grandsons.








We joined Steve and Suzie in their 1926 Model T (pictured here) and toured Richmond and the surrounding

Driving the Model T is not like driving our modern cars. Steve offers a special training corse in mastering the controls of the Model T. The car has three foot pedals, forward reverse and neutral. The throttle is controled on the steering wheel. The gear shift is for controling the gears in the rear end of the car. Top speed of the car is about 40 mph.

Steve has driven his Model T from Lincoln Nebraska to San Dieago California. That was quite an adventure in-and-of itself. Imagine going over the Rocky Mountains in a Model T.



What I was most surprized about is how small the interior of the car actually is. When you look at the picture of me sitting in the car with my arm hanging over the drivers door,  understand that I was sitting on the passinger side of the car.






Enjoy the pictures of the cars and the museum and imagine days gone by. I still prefer my sleigh and 9 reindeer. The ride is much smoother.

Ho Ho Ho away we go on our next adventure,  touring and finding exciting things to do and see.

Happy Adventure Hunting!

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