On To the Southwest!

Spring is in the air and time for Santa Craig & Cindi Claus to adventure south.  Our first stop was in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee.  Although a suburb, the City of Southaven is actually in Mississipi, just off Interstate 55.

There, we found a hidden treasure among toy stores.  It’s The Sensory Shop, located at 5627 Getwell Road, Southaven, Mississippi.  We encourage anyone raising a child with special needs (whether autism, ADD, or other sensory issues) to visit this store.    

In person, or online at www.thesensoryshop.com, you will find a treasure-trove of toys and tools designed to help your child with challenges.  The store is filled with wonderful items designed specifically for your child; such as, developmental toys, therapeutic aids, educational tools, arts and crafts – there are toys available for all children at any level.


Children are encouraged to come into the store and actually play with the items.  The store has a state of the art sensory play area, with sensory-friendly lighting and decor.  Moms and dads will be able to see what items are best-suited for their child.

Part of the treasury of this store is the owner, Cassidy Todd, who has a daughter with special needs.  When she was unable to locate appropriate toys that would help her child focus and grasp concepts, she decided that the best way she could assist her daughter (and others in the community) was to develop this store.  

She soon realized that there were no other toy stores in the area, so she expanded her store to include toys for all levels of development – something for every child.

Cassidy also reaches out to the community and sponsors workshops for other parents and teachers, to understand the most effective ways of play with children with special needs.

We encourage all parents, especially those who have a child experiencing challenges, to reach out to the Sensory Shop.

And many thanks to Cassidy for your hospitality and inspiration.

Happy Adventure Hunting!


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