President William McKinley National Memorial

Hello again to all of you adventure seekers.   We are off traveling Ohio again, visiting the Presidential sites.  Today’s trip brought us to Canton Ohio. It is the home of William McKinley National Memorial and Museum. The memorial is located at 800 McKinley Drive NW, Canton Ohio 44708.

This site is different from the other two we have discussed. William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. He was elected in 1896, and was assassinated during his second term in 1901.  The memorial is the tomb for the President and his wife.  The Stark County Historical Society is adjacent to the tomb. President McKinley’s home was destroyed by a fire in 1931.

The Stark County Historical Society operates the Museum and Presidential Library. It is not part of the National Park Service of Presidential Library Systems.






The Museum houses many historical displays related to the development of Stark County. It also houses a Planetarium.  Housed in the museum, is the McKinley Gallery.  It contains many artifacts that the McKinleys took with them to the White House. You will see an autotron recite one of the President’s speeches given on his front porch. He, like Garfield, campaigned from the front porch of his Canton, Ohio home.  You will see his hat and cane, desk, shaving kit and revolving bookcase that he used in the White House.


















The museum has many other displays that you will enjoy, depicting life in Stark County, especially during his time there.  There is a train set that shows how the county evolved over time.  On display is the Hoover vacuum chair, with suction so powerful, that it lifted this Santa off the floor and suspended him in the air.   You’ll view many industrial displays, including the E. Howard Tower Clock Movement.


























However, one of the most fun displays – if you grew up in the 60’s will appreciate – is Laffing Sal or Beulah the Laffing Lady.  In the 1930’s The old King Cole Company made seven of these papier-mache ladies to be used at amusement parks. Santa’s wife remembers the version that was at Euclid Beach Park. She remembers her grandparents using that image to keep her and her cousins from exploring the storage area in their basement under the front porch They still talk about Laffing Sal when they have family gatherings.








All Presidents contribute to our history. McKinley was President during the Spanish-American War. We won. From that conflict, we acquired the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico as territories. That was followed by the independent country of Hawaii being annexed.  We also freed Cuba from Spanish rule and gave them their ability to self determine their future.

Interesting facts Garfield, Hayes, and McKinley all served in the Union Army during the Civil War. They each served as congressmen from their district and each served as Governor.

Go on an adventure and discover our roots. Your children will enjoy the hunt and the artifacts.

Happy Adventure Hunting!

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