Road Trip Surprises, Even in 2020

Hi everybody and welcome to another Adventures with Santa experience.

Mrs. Claus and I had an opportunity to take a little driving tour, to get out a little and explore.  We made sure we socially distanced, used our  masks and washed our hands.  We had a fun, surprising time.

Our first adventure started on an early November morning, traveling up to Sandusky Ohio to check out Lake Erie. When we arrived in Sandusky, to our surprise, we found the town in the midst of decorating for Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year. The decorations are all located right in the center of downtown. It really put a smile on my face.





The Santa Scene even included a hippopotamus! How many of you sing that song? If you look at our previous blogs, you might remember that we had traveled to Sandusky before to see the Carousel Museum.







Of course, no trip to Lake Erie is complete without sampling some wonderful Perch sandwiches.  We drove along the lake to Port Clinton Ohio, and bought our perch sandwiches at Jolly Rogers Seafood House, 252 West Lakeshore Drive. Check out their website at  We were able to order online and receive curbside pickup.   Very easy and safe.  The lake was very calm this November day, so we went over to one of the many parks along the lake, enjoyed our sandwich and watched people walk on the beach. 80 degrees in November does not happen often.


The next day, we did a different driving adventure. We traveled to Lesage, West Virginia to the Hillbilly Hot Dog Restaurant.  An oasis along 6951 Ohio River Road, right along the Ohio River. Yes, we have a habit of traveling where we can find water – melted or frozen, it’s our favorite.  This experience can be described as visiting a junk yard to have lunch. Among the scattered artifacts, you will find a place to sit (either on an outside bench or in one of the old school buses) and enjoy a well prepared hot dog, burger, or many other delicious treats. On this day, there were many, many people waiting to get this American treat. I enjoyed my West Virginia Dog, a hot dog with chili sauce, mustard, onions, and coleslaw. I chased it with a chocolate milkshake.  Almost as good as having a cookie.  Mrs. Claus enjoyed her hot dog with the same, minus the coleslaw.  We shared some delicious, crispy onion rings.  Another beautiful, warm November day we safely enjoyed along the water.





Adventures can still be had, even in this limited-contact time.

Happy Adventure Hunting!


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