Scotty’s Cafe – a Columbus Ohio Gem of a Diner

We haven’t talked about food lately.  And as you’ve probably guessed, Mrs. Claus and I like to find good places to eat as we travel around.  Today I want to introduce you to a cafe right here in our home base of Columbus Ohio.  It’s become a favorite of ours.

You may have guessed that we are partial to diners. Scotty’s Cafe is one of those diners that is a standout. Located in a strip center at 2980 E. Broad Street, Columbus Ohio 43209, you will find a jewel to be savored. To give you a better location guide, the zip code lets you know that it is in the Bexley area. It is open for breakfast and lunch between the hours of 7 to 2. It is not open on the weekend. Scotty’s is also know for its catering.

There are many delicious choices.  Breakfast is wonderful.  In addition to many delicious choices, you can build your own omelet. The pictures will show my western omelet . My wife enjoyed the Greek Omelet. Each meal comes with toast or bagel, depending on your taste.  Of course, there is a cup of hot, steaming coffee to enjoy, along with other beverage choices.









While you are eating, it is not unusual for Scotty or his wife to make the rounds checking on everyone. The wait staff is very professional, friendly, and will help guide you through the menu.

Now they have a wonderful bakery and deli on site. They spotted me as Santa and made sure I had a sample of their cookies. Oh my, are they tasty!  Fresh, fresh, fresh!  Certainly worthy of being placed under any Christmas tree with a large glass of milk. 

Lunch is also worthy of your attention.  On another visit, I enjoyed a Reuben sandwich, with a generous side of their homemade potato salad.  My wife enjoyed Bunny’s Cheese Blintzes.  Mrs. Claus is a connoisseur of crepes and blintzes, and she can attest that these are some of the best she’s ever had.  We both had more food than we could eat. Scotty and his wife made the rounds and made sure we were enjoying ourselves. Cookies again showed up at our table for us to devour, which we did.

Feed your soul with some wonderful food and make some great new friends at Scotty’s.

Happy Adventure Hunting!

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