Here we are back in Ohio, seeking more exciting toy stores closer to home.  In this blog and the next few, you’ll discover that Ohio has some unique places to visit.

Sir Troy’s Toy Kingdom can be found in North Canton Ohio, at 1180 South Main Street.  There you will find 9,000 quare feet of some really neat stuff.

Troy, the owner, has stocked the store to be age progressive-a unique concept.  While there are many wonderful choices for the younger set, I’ve decided to draw your attention to some of the more fascinating areas of the store – and, believe me, there are many!


HEY ALL YOU LEGO FANS!  This is the place to visit. Troy has one of the larget collections of Lego sets that I’ve ever  seen.  Sir Troy told me that he likes to order kits that are not found in other big-box stores, and keeps them for extended periods of time.  Troy says that, since some sets are very expensive, many children have to save to purchase that one set.  By the time they reach their savings’ goal, the set isn’t available in most stores.  But, it is here! Sir Troy’s also carries a huge selection of used Lego sets, too.  You can buy, sell and trade!

And, for you Lego Star Wars fans, this place is worth the trip.  Another selection of hard-to-find sets are available.

This store also has a large collection of fantasy creatures, such as knights and dragons, featured in many of the graphic novels kids read. Many of them are made by Playmobil.



Troy has not forgotten to include some traditional toys from the past.  Great examples are Lincoln Logs with real logs, Hape, and other interesting kits that require assembly.  No sitting in front of the computer screen here!


In the middle of the store, you can find a play area where kids can try toys. I  would advise any toymaker or store to include a toy or exploration area.  It helps to discover just what your kids are interested in.


Sir Troy’s has a large diplay of Breyer horses, as well.  I know I pointed this out in one of the other toy stores.  I think we sometimes forget that our children like horses and dream about riding them through fields at full gallop.  An “old-fashioned” toy, perhaps, but one that can build your child’s imagination.



Then there are those kids who like the sciences.  And Sir Troy’s won’t disappoint them.  Science Wiz makes really neat kits for home science experiments. No worries – you won’t blow up your kitchen with these gifts.




Last, and certainly not least, you will find some wonderful displays of some really big items you could build at home, but you may wish to look at them in someone else’s space.  And, Sir Troy’s is the place!  Yes, those are complete skyscrapers that you can build.  And, yes, that is a Star War’s machine and a ferris wheel.






Sir Troy’s also offers workshops to help learn how to build your own creatures, and Free Lego play days; even a party room for birthday parties and special events.

Visit their website at






Happy Adventure Hunting!


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