As we have followed our adventure down many many pathways and highways, we are surprised at where we find interesting toy stores.  This is just one example of finding neat things at the most unexpected locations.

Mrs. Claus and I like food. What can I say – I like to eat!  Jungle Jim’s International Market in Cincinnati Ohio is a wonderful place to find great produce, cheese, baked goods and yes, spirits.  The grocery store alone is an experience in-and-of itself and a MUST EXPERIENCE!

So, we arrived, with cooler in hand, for one of our grocery shopping trips.  What did we find?  Jungle Jim’s has added a toy store to the entrance area of their location in the City of Fairfield.  I was amazed at what we found.

It is not a large toy store (like Sir Troys in Canton), but it is filled with wonderful things that kids and adults like. Plus more!!!! 






They have the usual selection of Lego kits and and a play area to experiment with the toys.  Because Jungle Jim’s is a grocery store, we found grocery-related toys for that play kitchen.  We also found a Deluxe Tool Belt set, among a nice selection of Melissa and Doug products. It’s that perfect gift for that young aspiring engineer.

For your little reader, a selection of children’s books can be found.

For the child that likes figurines, there is a large collection to choose from.









The artist will find all the supplies they need to create that special picture

I have been fascinated by the number of scientific-based items on the market. You will find a great selection of these items here at Jungle Jim’s. These are fun things to do with your kids and give them a learning experience too.





By the way – check out the bakery – they have great cookies.

All these things – PLUS you can shop for the best fruits and vegetables from around the globe.

Happy Adventure Hunting!

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