The Toys Time Forgot

We haven’t been doing much traveling these days, because of COVID, so many of our adventures away from home are happy memories.  Here’s one that we hadn’t posted yet.  Keep safe, my friends, and we shall adventure hunt again!

One of the things we like to do is to attend Blues Festivals. You will find these events all over the country – in both large and small towns. It is here that you hear the roots of American music. Many say the blues is the root of rock and roll.

One particular weekend in 2019, we found our way to the Canton Ohio Blues Festival. Held in downtown Canton, it is a two day event.  We chose only to attend the Saturday session. It was a great day to enjoy both some local and national talent. We were lucky to see Kenny Neal and his band on Saturday night. He is an excellent example of blues from the deep south. He is based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We were lucky on this occasion that he had several of his brothers playing with him. It was quite a show.

As always, though, we search for those special toy stores that help bring smiles to the faces of young and old. We found such a jewel not too far from Canton in the small town of Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Located at 137 East Cherry Street, Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614, you will find a wonderful shop know as “The Toys Time Forgot”. The store is operated by Daniel Hare and his family.  They opened in 1991 and are dedicated to finding, displaying and selling the toys from the past The 4000 square foot store contains every imaginable toy from our past.

It does not have any of the new electronic games that the kids may be asking for, but you just might find that favorite video  game from 1975. You will also find that classic GI Joe, the wonderful Japanese windup toys from the 50’s, the steel Tonka truck, the old Match Box cars in their original box.

They also have a large selection of vintage comic books and story display items. They have an ample supply of action figures. They also have many movie collectibles from Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Sesame Street.









If you have a special toy that you would like to find, they offer toy-finding services; and, have developed many suppliers and pickers from around the country to help find that treasured piece.

If you bring your family with you, you can try out the canoeing venues located here in Canal Fulton or take a bike ride. If you are hungry try out the Century House Restaurant, you will be glad you did.

Happy Adventure Hunting!

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