The Village Toymaker

As we continued our southern adventure, we found the Village Toymaker, located at 4615 Popular, Suite 14, Memphis Tennessee. We experienced a store, not only filled with every imaginable toy, but one that was also filled with people full of joy and enthusiasm for their work. A true, old-fashioned toy store.  

Melissa Small, the store manager, along with her two associates, Sara and Michele, gave us a magical tour of toys.

When you enter the store, you will most likely be greeted by Sara and Michele. These two individuals know every item in the store and are most happy to show you individual toys and demonstrate ways to use them with your kids or grandkids.

Sara demonstrated how to attach various toys to car seats so that the small ones can entertain themselves while riding in the car. Several of those toys could be attached merely by using Velcro. I can only imagine how boring it is for a 2-year-old to be placed in a car seat looking out the back window. Mom is in the front. Nothing to do but cry out their displeasure of not being able to play. Now, suddenly, the little one has a whole new world to occupy their attention.

Sara also demonstrated several unusual toys (and retro toys as well). One such toy was the Last Lost Mouse. A toy with no parts to lose. It is a version of tic tac toe. You make your moves by pushing the raised sections to make your move. When you finish one game, flip it over, and it is ready to play again. Take it to the beach, have it in the backseat of the car – it is always ready. No batteries required. If it gets dirty, you can even throw it in the washing machine. How neat is that.


I was also shown several games during our visit. Sara told me the story behind the Two Bros. Bow. The toy was created by parents that did not want their children playing with real pointed arrows. They had not been happy with the old-style arrows with suction cups. The designed an arrow with a bag of Velcro that will stick to most anything and not harm it. So, if you have a child that wants to be William Tell, here is a great toy.


As you can surmise, Sara and Michele have such vast knowledge and excitement of all the items in the store. As a parent or grandparent, you can unlock the mystery of what your special child wants by merely talking to this knowledgeable staff. Just start by telling them the child’s age. They will walk the store and show you big toys, small toys, new and old-style toys.  



AND, always beautiful, free wrapping to go along with your special gift. Truly, a personalized, one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 

Santa highly recommends this adventure. You’ll find the experience rewarding. Check out their website at and tell them Santa Craig and Cindi Claus sent you!


Happy Adventure Hunting!

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